Food is never constant.
The way it makes you feel, is.

Belonging to a country where food from every region, every climate, every season and every home has its own flavour, emotion and lineage, we know that it takes more than one lifetime to understand what food is all about.

Our relationship with food may have changed over the centuries, but whether you want a career in the industry or you just want to make sure that you can feed yourself, no matter which corner of the planet your life takes you, food isn’t a want, it’s a need.

At Slurp Culinary Academy, we will teach you all about it, from where it comes to why it’s eaten. We will give you the basis for cuisines, ingredients and techniques from all parts of the world, some long forgotten, most often ignored. And as with any soulful, passionate endeavour, we will guide you to innovate and make it your own!

Our Courses

Elevate Your Culinary Education with Our Comprehensive Programs

6 Weeks Certificate Program

6 Weeks Certificate Program In Food and Cooking

180 Hours / 6 Weeks

The six weeks pre-professional course is a fast track cooking course, covering the basics of cooking techniques, kitchen equipment, knife skills, kitchen management, understanding ingredients, food preparation with theory & practicals.

slurp weekender

Slurp Weekender | A Weekend Cooking Course

6 Weekends | 10 AM to 3 PM

This program is designed to hit the pot when it is hot. Trending dishes, wholesome soups, traditional Indian food, crisp salads, quick stir fries and Sunday roasts are some of the food one will get to learn, not to forget the simple, quick desserts and breads that you can make to feed friends and family.

Diploma in Food Preparation

Diploma in Food Preparation & Culinary Arts

6 Months

A complete chef training programme that teaches you all the technical cooking skills from scratch with modules on entrepreneurship & the hospitality business to help you get started in the business, without any prerequisite food training required.

Our Expert Faculty

Learn from Acclaimed Chefs and Culinary Professionals

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Sushil now heads up Slurp Culinary Academy, where he’ll be in charge of each course that’s imbued with years of travel, exposure and academic rigour applied to the world’s finest cuisines.

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Chef Sushil Dwarkanath

Head of Academics

With a Gold medal from Christ University and time spent learning from the best chefs across India, Faseeulla is fascinated by every small detail that goes into food. A storehouse of culinary knowledge, Faseeulla is always up for a chat about food.

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Chef Faseeulla Saifulla

Head of Operations

A passionate chef who loves teaching people from all backgrounds, ages and skill levels, Sarabjeet aims to make food more fun than formulaic. You need to enjoy yourself before you enjoy the food.

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Chef Sarabjeet Singh

Head of Markets

Chef Tori Macdonald has always known from a very young age that the kitchen was where she was happiest. She graduated in 2005 from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's culinary arts program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Working across the country in restaurant kitchens and cafes in Spruce Grove, Edmonton, and Toronto. 

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Chef Tori Macdonald

Faculty, Global Cuisine

Alvina Rebecca is a BHM graduate from Christ Deemed to be University. After graduation, she joined the ITC group of hotels to continue her management training. She has a passion for baking and spent time in the bakeries while working with ITC. Alvina has joined SCA to help share her knowledge of baking and pastry

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Chef Alvina Rebeca

Chef Instructor

Belonging to the third generation of the Hakka Chinese community in India, Chef Walter Chung has studied the intricacies of the Hakka Chinese food and its contribution to the larger food scene in the country. A connoisseur of food, Chung would often assist his uncles in the kitchen as a young boy and learn the nitty-gritty of the art of traditional Hakka Chinese cooking. This inspired him to further expand his expertise in the field.

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Chef Walter Chung

Visiting Chef

Our Initiative Towards Sustainability

Sustainable Vegetables

SCA ‘s sustainable initiative uses seasonal and hyperlocal vegetables and greens in its menus. The menus are designed in such a way where, seasonal ingredients are used in every day’s students’ menus. This initiative makes the students aware of the importance of using sustainable ingredients, which has lesser impacts on the planet and health of consumers.

Sustainable Eggs

Slurp Culinary Academy has tied up with Happy Hens. The latter is one of India’s producers of sustainable eggs, where the production is based on nutrition, impact on the planet and organic vegetable feed. SCA works with Happy Hens in using their produce, there by indulging and consuming a sustainable produce.

Sustanable Sea Food

With the world indulging in over fishing, extinction of many species is on the edge. SCA uses sea food in their menus which are good to consume for the season, thereby supporting sustainable seafood consumption. The menus are designed in such a way where students get to work and taste seafood which are permitted to be consumed in that season.

Life at SCA

Where food is both science & art


Hear from our Alumni

Rachel LamaRachel Lama
07:09 30 Oct 23
I had the honour and opportunity to have completed my 6 week pre professional program at the Slurp Academy. It was a great learning experience that focused more on understanding flavours, cooking processes and techniques rather than following recipes.All the chefs are very hands on and explain and teach in the simplest of ways - the art and science behind cooking good food! Chef Tori was a guiding light throughout our course and as the mama hen that she is, she really took care of us till the end! We learnt a great deal about European countries and their cultures through their food. Chef Fassee is like a god of Mughalai & Dakhni cuisine, was a privilege to learn from him. Chef Susheel, a great academician but an even greater story telle - his years of experience and wisdom flows through his stories on food and travel. Chef Sarab is a vibe, nothing else describes him better. Chef Alvina, the youngest chef in the academy but you wouldn’t guess that if you had to, her technical knowledge in baking and passion for food is contagious! Lastly, Shankar bhaiya and Mamaji - the glue, they keep everything together, without them we would’ve been lost!The last 6 weeks have been life changing, I’m so glad that I chose Slurp! Grateful to the entire team at SCA, wishing them continued growth and success! If you’re looking to learn and understand food and cooking this is the best place!
Gaurav AgarwalGaurav Agarwal
10:29 23 Oct 23
pragathi bspragathi bs
04:56 05 Sep 23
Rafi Ahmed ShariefRafi Ahmed Sharief
07:03 03 Sep 23
Nowsheen RafiNowsheen Rafi
06:59 03 Sep 23
ateeb Shariefateeb Sharief
06:51 03 Sep 23
One of the best places for anyone to do a crash course with detailed information about cooking and different cuisines and cultures. Most important in cooking is understanding the history of a dish and at SCA you get that.We all know biryani is so flavourful, but how it becomes, what is added and when what needs to be added is very important to get the right flavour and texture. And Slurp Culinary Academy teaches you all that, amazing knowledge shared by the Chef's throughout.Thank You SCA I cook a lot more better now. ❤️
Shreyas BasrurShreyas Basrur
16:02 22 Aug 23
Learning from the best is the greatest gift one can receive. I have been great full to have received this gift while learning under amazing chefs at SCA.From learning about the history of food to plated meals Slurp offers it all. The chefs are always ready to help u in anyway possible even if it is after u have completed your time there. The lessons thought will stay with you forever because you learn it in a fun as well as a systematic environment.If anyone is interested in learning how to cook delicious food look no further than Slurp Culinary Academy.
Chakko JosephChakko Joseph
09:41 16 Aug 23
It was a wonderful experience learning something I am passionate about and expanding it with different people. Especially the chefs are wonderful when u get to know them All in all. It might be hard work but the result will be worth it.
Subbu GokarnaSubbu Gokarna
07:58 05 May 23
The 6 weeks pre certificate course at Slurp culinary academy has significantly changed my approach and thought process towards the world of food and cooking. I used to be a confused homecook who was endlessly scrolling through food reels on instagram, watching cooking videos on YouTube and reading loads of recipes and I was blindly following those instructions without understanding the science and the fundamentals behind these recipes. Clearly the result never turned out to be even close to the eye-catching pictures and videos online. In came to the rescue, the 6 weeks course. From day 1 the emphasis was more on understanding the process and art of cooking rather than following recipes. The three musketeers at Slurp Culinary Academy, Chef Susheel, Chef sarab and Chef Fasi took us on a journey of food and cooking that started right from the fundamentals to various techniques and finally plating delicious and scrumptious food while exploring cuisines from all over the world. This course has given me immense confidence to pursue a career in culinary arts and I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is even slightly curious to know what exactly happens behind that delectable and falvoursome food we usually eat.

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