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Food is the fuel to our well-being; our growth and life energies depend on food. Nature has provided us with abundance and our constant endeavour is to integrate that abundance in the most impactful manner. Our bodies are designed such that they ask for food at least once every six hours or so in order to function properly. So, everything we do is in service of the next meal.  In recent times, where the circular economy has become the focal point, food has taken on a completely new shape and created a visible impact on lives, culture, social media, and business. As the saying goes, “Without travel, food would have been the most boring thing on the planet.” The recent pandemic also taught people to capitalise on food to support health and well-being in the simplest way possible. Current trends allow you to work with food in so many ways, from blogging, media, photography, home chefs, cloud kitchens, cafes and bistros, canteens and messes, restaurant pop-ups, food communication, writing of recipe books, research journals and so much more. A little formal education in food has been shown to bring about a meaningful change in your business approach and make a difference to your bottom line.  Keeping this in mind, Slurp Culinary Academy has designed courses that not only teach you skilling and techniques but also throw light towards being sustainable and caring for the planet. After all, we are what we eat and what we eat has taken on many new dimensions in modern times.  Slurp Culinary Academy is a cooking institution in Bangalore and is an offshoot of Slurp Studio. SCA, as it is known, was founded by Sushil Dwarkanath, Sarabjeet Singh, and Faseeulla Saifulla, when the need to inspire a generation of people cooking good food was a need and a challenge, as well as giving people compelling reasons to eat clean and eat local. We are passionate about teaching people how to cook good food, keeping in mind simple ingredients and cooking techniques. Food has always impacted society and humanity in a big way. SCA is striving to take this journey of cooking to a level where cooking a great meal becomes second nature to you. Our Courses: Slurp Culinary Academy Duration 6 Weeks Course Highlights: 2. Diploma in Food Preparation & Culinary Arts Duration 6 Months Course Highlights: Proposed Courses: 1. Certificate Course in Vegetarian Food Preparation Duration 150 hours Course Highlights:  2. Certificate Course in Regional Indian Cuisine Duration: 150 hours Course Highlights: 3. Certificate Course in Restaurant set up & Management Duration: 3 Weeks, Alternate days Classes every Monday / Tuesday & Friday Course Highlights:

At The Heart of It All

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Chef Sarabjeet Singh Slurp Culinary Academy: Coming from a Punjabi family that’s settled in Bangalore, with all its cosmopolitan influences, food has meant everything to me. From the food at home, which is still on top of my daily menu, to the streets of the city with the variety on offer, from the vegetarian excellence in every bylane of Jayanagar to the meaty, mouth-watering delicacies of Shivaji Nagar and all the way down to the humble honey cake in select Iyengar bakeries, I have spent a lifetime trying to define what food means to me. At Slurp Studio, I have had the fortune of interacting with thousands of students, from four-year-old children to college students, hotshot IT professionals, tourists in town for a weekend, homemakers, home entrepreneurs, gourmets, gluttons, and everything in between, I have found that the cliche holds true: ‘it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.’ Food is a communal activity, it brings us all together and the process of taking a bunch of raw ingredients and cutting, slicing, boiling, grating, frying, and cooking them into something memorable has driven us forward for centuries. My parents carry the flavours of Punjab in their souls and whether my daughter ever goes to Punjab or not, she will take those flavours with her. The process of cooking for and with someone makes you a part of their story, forever.  While I was working the grill at the Coconut Point Resort in Miami, I had the chance to meet and learn from my colleagues who came from all over the world. Learning about their food taught me about their language, their language taught me their culture, and their culture showed me their true personality. I feel a bit American, a bit British, part Jamaican, part Italian and I’m sure that I made my new friends feel a bit like a Sardarji who grew up in South India and speaks Kannada as well as he speaks Punjabi and now speaks Patois and hints of Arabic. Food opened several doors for me and with the launch of Slurp Culinary Academy, I want to do the same for everyone who decides to walk through ours. Teaching people about food and watching them innovate to create something new has been one of life’s simple pleasures and now, with support from the man who taught me the basics, Chef Sushil Dwarkanath, and one of my closest friends Chef Faseeulla Saifulla, I look forward to this new chapter, where we’ll take everything we’ve learned at Slurp Studio over the last 10 years to another level.  Welcome to Slurp Culinary Academy!

Welcome to Slurp Culinary Academy

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