Why are we cooking?

Food is never constant. The way it makes you feel, is.

Over the millennia, as humanity has spread across continents, few things still intimately link us to one another – from genetics to language to culture, we share commonalities that aren’t just difficult to forget, they are so deeply ingrained that it becomes impossible to do so.

Food has been integral to it all and yet, at surface level, food may seem to divide us more than it unites. Whether a debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians or vegans against dairy lovers; spiced, unspiced; cured, curated; fried, baked; keto, paleo and everything in between, food in the modern world seems to alienate rather than ingratiate.

But whether to a nomad in the middle of the harshest Arabian deserts or a farmer in the upper reaches of the frozen Himalayas, the preparation, storage and consumption of food has had one purpose: the advancement of us as a whole, as a species that seeks to not just beat the odds, but thrive against them. The simple act of understanding how milk can be transformed to enhance its flavours, while retaining its health benefits and increasing its longevity has led to an entire civilizations’s worth of research and development that travels with us, from our morning coffee to the nightly haldi doodh.

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To put it simply, food is not a want, but a need. And the need is for us to communicate, to celebrate, to sit down with each other and break bread/raise a toast/grab a bite/savour ghar ka khana/catch up at the dinner table. When you find yourself in a foreign land, you try the food of your hosts to blend in and you feed them the food of your ancestors to ‘curry their favour’. Food brings comfort and its preparation brings community. It’s at the core of who we all are.

That’s what we seek to teach you at Slurp Culinary Academy – that food can never be processed, it has to be felt. Intimately, intricately, intensively.
We want you to learn all about food and fall in love with cooking, while learning what it takes to plate that food up with the same amount of passion and joy – whether you’re trying to recreate mom’s dal in whichever corner of the globe life takes you or you plan to spearhead a gastronomic revolution in the culinary industry, we will give you the basis, the tools on which you can innovate and make it your own.

So, what does food make you feel? Come find out with us at Slurp Culinary Academy!

Our Expert Faculty

Learn from Acclaimed Chefs and Culinary Professionals

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Sushil now heads up Slurp Culinary Academy, where he’ll be in charge of each course that’s imbued with years of travel, exposure and academic rigour applied to the world’s finest cuisines.

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Chef Sushil Dwarkanath

Former HOD,
Christ University BHM Dept

With a Gold medal from Christ University and time spent learning from the best chefs across India, Faseeulla is fascinated by every small detail that goes into food. A storehouse of culinary knowledge, Faseeulla is always up for a chat about food.

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Chef Faseeulla Saifulla

BHM Christ University,
Co-Founder of Slurp Studio

A passionate chef who loves teaching people from all backgrounds, ages and skill levels, Sarabjeet aims to make food more fun than formulaic. You need to enjoy yourself before you enjoy the food.

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Chef Sarabjeet Singh

BHM Christ University,
Co-Founder of Slurp Studio

Chef Tori Macdonald has always known from a very young age that the kitchen was where she was happiest. She graduated in 2005 from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's culinary arts program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Working across the country in restaurant kitchens and cafes in Spruce Grove, Edmonton, and Toronto. 

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Chef Tori Macdonald

Faculty, Global Cuisine

Alvina Rebecca is a BHM graduate from Christ Deemed to be University. After graduation, she joined the ITC group of hotels to continue her management training. She has a passion for baking and spent time in the bakeries while working with ITC. Alvina has joined SCA to help share her knowledge of baking and pastry

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Chef Alvina Rebeca

Chef Instructor

Belonging to the third generation of the Hakka Chinese community in India, Chef Walter Chung has studied the intricacies of the Hakka Chinese food and its contribution to the larger food scene in the country. A connoisseur of food, Chung would often assist his uncles in the kitchen as a young boy and learn the nitty-gritty of the art of traditional Hakka Chinese cooking. This inspired him to further expand his expertise in the field.

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Chef Walter Chung

Visiting Chef

Life at SCA

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