Food is never constant. The way it makes you feel, is.


Food is the fuel to our well-being; our growth and life energies depend on food. Nature has provided us with abundance and our constant endeavour is to integrate that abundance in the most impactful manner. Our bodies are designed such that they ask for food at least once every six hours or so in order to function properly. So, everything we do is in service of the next meal.

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About Slurp Culinary Academy

Slurp Culinary Academy is a cooking institution in Bangalore and is an offshoot of Slurp Studio. SCA, as it is known, was founded by Sushil Dwarkanath, Sarabjeet Singh, and Faseeulla Saifulla, when the need to inspire a generation of people cooking good food was a need and a challenge, as well as giving people compelling reasons to eat clean and eat local. We are passionate about teaching people how to cook good food, keeping in mind simple ingredients and cooking techniques.

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Our Courses:

Diploma in Food Preparation & Culinary Arts

Duration 6 Months Course Highlights: – A complete chef training programme – Teaches technical cooking skills from scratch – No prerequisites needed – Modules on Entrepreneurship & Personality Development – Understanding the business of hospitality – Menus from Europe, Asia & India – Butchery, Buffet & Banquets, Breakfast, and Festive menu. – Studying Food Certification – Ecolab Certification

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Proposed Courses:

Certificate Course in Vegetarian Food Preparation

Duration 150 hours Course Highlights: – Focus on vegetable cookery and vegetarian proteins – Market visit – Organic farm visit – Menus from Indian, International, Mediterranean, and Asian Cuisines. – Indian Breakfast

Certificate Course in Regional Indian Cuisine

Duration 150 hours Course Highlights: – Learning to cook food from various Indian states – Focus on spices and masalas – Breakfast dishes and unique Indian sweets – Visit to a traditional Indian restaurant – Organic farm visit – Making of pickles, podis, and muraba – Learning to work on the Tandoor – Learning lost dishes

Certificate Course in Restaurant set up & Management

Duration: 3 Weeks, Alternate days Classes every Monday / Tuesday & Friday Course Highlights: – From location selection to food service – Selecting a theme – Architectural design critical points – Electrical, water, and sewage designs – Making the menu – Hiring staff – Selection of crockery and cutlery – Foodservice design – Managing Food cost – Vendor development – Media and digital marketing

In order to gain a deeper understanding about Slurp Culinary Academy Here is a helpful link